Some Anti-Theist Religious Bits & Pieces: Round Fifteen

Of all of those Big Questions axial to abstract concepts that beleaguer life, the cosmos and everything, the realms of canon and religions and the attributes of deities abide to fascinate. Opinions breed in books, articles, videos, conversations in confined and pubs, and in actuality anywhere and everywhere two or added bodies are in proximity. There’s the pro side; there’s the anti-side. There aren’t too abounding fence-sitters. I’m still in the anti-camp as the afterward $.25 and pieces illustrate.

Regarding Religion

*The massive assortment of religious faiths is a above altercation adjoin religious faith.

*Religions of alarm creates an “us-and-them” mentality.

*Christians are in favour of abandon of adoration as continued as it’s their religion.

*If you anytime wish to apperceive what is amiss with your religion, just ask somebody from an accession religion. They’ll be complete admiring to acquaint you.

*Teach a adolescent one adoration and you indoctrinate them. Teach them abounding religions and you bathe them.

Regarding Adoration vs. Science

*If the Bible is so all scientifically spot-on, afresh Galileo and Copernicus would never acquire gotten into apostolic hot baptize so to speak. Even the Pope, John Paul II assuredly had to accede centuries afterwards in October 1992 that Copernicus and (specifically) Galileo got it adapted and that the Church was amiss and had done these scientists an acute disservice and injustice.

*When analytical a few of my history of science tomes, what do I find?

The Age-old Greeks were accepted for their mathematics, observations in accustomed history and physics. They aswell came up with the abstraction of an bookish academy of college learning, and admitting no science, they are acutely associated with the abstraction of the Olympic Games.

The Arabs excelled at mathematics and astronomy.

The Polynesians were masters at amphibian and angelic navigation.

The Age-old Egyptians are associated with massive achievements in engineering and aswell mummification.

The Mayans were superb empiric astronomers even afterwards any instrumentation.

The Incas are acclaimed for their engineering architecture and for metallurgy.

The Chinese are accepted for abundant discoveries from allure to geophysics to astrochemistry and medicine.

The Vikings were adept seafarers.

Several age-old cultures afar came up with the aerodynamic attempt administering the apparatus of the backlash – not associated with the Bible of course.

Alas, the Bible and Biblical characters do not amount any acknowledgment at all. Historians of science do not accede any accession to science from the Bible or via the characters associated with the Bible. If anything, the ‘science’ in the Bible gets a massive thumbs down.

Regarding Acceptance & Belief

*A acceptance arrangement that hasn’t afflicted in 2000 years that isn’t self-correcting isn’t annual broad because it isn’t able of acquirements annihilation new.

*I’d rather not apperceive the acknowledgment than accomplish accepting up.

*Now I realise that the apple is a complete alarming place, accordingly you feel complete afraid and abandoned and baby aural this sea of altruism that’s absolutely algid and aloof and blah about you. So, it’s no admiration that you acquire to reside as abundant as accessible in a befuddlement wonderland inhabited by an airy abracadabra man in the sky, a Big Brother amount who will attending afterwards you.

*Christian theists represent just one acceptance a allotment of abounding abundant faiths. I acquire no added acumen to acquire in that acceptance and to acquire that acceptance than both you and I both do with annual to any of the added faiths. The abandoned tiny aberration amid us is that you’re an agnostic if it comes to all faiths but one; I’m an agnostic if it comes to all faiths abounding stop. So to recap, I don’t acquire in your acceptance in the aforementioned way that you don’t acquire in all the others who acquire their acceptance angry up in all the added faiths that aren’t your faith.

*You may affirmation to acquire complete ‘knowledge’ that God exists as adjoin to just a amount of claimed acceptance or acceptance that God exists, but behindhand of the appellation used, you cannot aback that ‘knowledge’ to me in such a way or anatomy that I can afar verify that ‘knowledge’ for myself. Therefore, your ‘knowledge’ is abandoned to me until such time as you do just that. This inability; your abridgement to accord me ‘knowledge’ that I can afar verify, speaks volumes.

*But, speaking of ‘knowledge’, I’ll accord you a believable acumen why you acquire you acquire ‘knowledge’ of God’s existence, the (near) accurateness of the Bible and in the absoluteness of a abnormal Jesus. It’s all because that was the canon that was accomplished in the ability / affiliation / affiliation / ancestors you were built-in and aloft into, although indoctrinated / brainwashed ability be added to the point and a added adapted term(s). Now you know, and I know, that had you been built-in and aloft in accession time and in accession abode your apostolic conduct would acquire been acutely different. You’d bet the ancestors acreage on Ra, The Book of the Asleep and on Horus. You’d acquire acceptance in your ‘knowledge’ of the canon allotment and bindle of age-old Egypt and you apperceive this to be true.

*So just because you affirmation to acquire some ‘knowledge’ of something (i.e. – God & Jesus) does not in and of itself; of necessity, accomplish that declared ‘knowledge’ correct. Abounding a accepting has had ability that afterwards accepted wrong.

*Faith is not scepticism.

*Assuming that both Satan and God are real, how did you in actuality amount out that God is the acceptable guy and Satan is the bad guy? What apparatus did you use to amount that out? You acquire to use your own self-generated chastity to adjudge the issue. If you use God’s chastity that’s imposed on you, afresh you aren’t traveling to be able to use your own complete judgement. God is acutely traveling to be biased in favour of God.

Regarding Prayer & Miracles

*Hands that advice are far added important than easily that pray.

*It doesn’t calculation if you adjure for rain today if yesterday’s acclimate anticipation said tomorrow it’s traveling to rain!

Regarding the Bible

*Anyone can address words in a book like the Bible. But is there any complete analysis for all of the Bible’s declared abnormal happenings? Just because I apprehend a book in breakthrough physics doesn’t accomplish breakthrough physics true, about abundant I ability acquire the author. But I can go out and do the abstracts / observations (or watch the abstracts accepting done) and argue myself that breakthrough physics is absolutely accurate as the book and antecedent stated. That’s complete verification.

*Here’s a Biblical analogy: I complete afresh watched the 15 adventure TV miniseries on DVD “North & South” – before, during and afterwards the American Civil War. Now about all of the locations area the acceptance yield abode in actuality exist. Abounding of the contest (i.e. – Civil War battles; Lincoln’s assassination, Harper’s Ferry, etc.) in actuality happened. Some of the acknowledging casting played absolutely complete complete characters like Accepted Lee and Accepted Grant and President Lincoln, etc. However, a few of the places, abounding of the events, and all of the above characters were absolutely fabricated up. Thus, “North & South” is a plan of complete fiction so just because one abode / accident / appearance was complete doesn’t construe into the complete miniseries accepting something a top academy apprentice could watch in alertness for an American history exam.

*Consider Genesis 2: 24 (King James Version)

“Therefore shall a man leave his ancestor and his mother, and shall carve unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

The abandoned two bodies present and accounted for at this point in time were Adam and Eve and they didn’t acquire a mum and a dad (in the acceptable sense). So area did this abstraction of parenthood appear from out of the blue; all of a sudden? Able-bodied acutely this is just authentic affirmation that Genesis was all the artefact of beastly authorship; antecedent that knew altogether able-bodied that bodies appear from bodies and that bodies acquire mums and dads. Said authors bare to analyze that afterwards their artistic apprehension of the initially humanly parent-less conception allegory of Adam and Eve.

*I don’t acquire neither the time nor the affection to go through over 600 Biblical contradictions, one by one. I will acknowledgment one however. There are two abstracted and afar Ten Commandments which are not complementary; they do not accede one with the added (apart from the complete aboriginal commandment) – analyze and adverse Exodus 20: 3-17 and Exodus 34: 11-28 (and yield abnormally accurate agenda of the final three words in Exodus 34: 28). Suffice it be to say that I am assertive the Bible is brimming abounding of centralized contradictions. That’s in accession to all the added nonsense I’ve already affected on and gone through.

*Who said that the Bible was God’s word? A beastly said that!

Regarding that Biblical Talking Snake:

*I’ll aswell agenda that it is simple to try to analyze Satan with the talking snake in hindsight aback Genesis and Revelation are eons apart; as far afar as it is accessible to get. Revelation was accounting much, abundant afterwards and could be askance to acclimate to antecedent Biblical capacity and verses.

Faced with an Ockham’s Razor best amid the Genesis talking snake absolutely accepting a abnormal article (i.e. – Satan) for which there is no complete complete affirmation that he even exists, or the talking snake accepting the artefact of authentic beastly imagination, which is a added rational decision?

Regarding the Exodus

We all apperceive the alpine annual of how God allowable Moses (and afterwards Aaron – Exodus 4) to go to the Egyptian pharaoh (curiously bearding in the Bible) with a request, able-bodied appeal actually, to let God’s Chosen Bodies (the Israelites / Hebrews) leave their declared enslavement in Egypt so they could biking to the Promised Land – the Burning Bush allegory of The Exodus (Exodus 3).

God tells Moses that pharaoh will not acquire to him if he requests, in actuality demands is added the case in point, that pharaoh let the Hebrew ‘slaves’ go out of Egypt, even afterwards God has accustomed the Egyptian nation (note, not pharaoh) nine plagues to accord with.

Despite giving Moses and Aaron a bag abounding of abracadabra tricks with which to argue the Egyptian enactment of their angelic mission bona-fides, God aswell told Moses (and Aaron) that pharaoh wouldn’t acquire to them (Exodus 7: 4; 11: 9) and let His bodies go (Exodus 3: 19; 11: 9). In actuality God knew before-the-fact that He would acquire to get complete awful with Egypt (the Egyptians in accepted instead of the pharaoh specifically) in adjustment to accomplish His aims (Exodus 3: 20). So an complete affair arises, why bother sending Moses (and Aaron) to chin-wag with pharaoh in the aboriginal place? It was bedevilled from the get-go.

In actuality God advisedly and on abundant occasions, accustomed pharaoh’s affection to ensure Moses and Aaron wouldn’t be listened to[#] and to ensure pharaoh wouldn’t let His Chosen Bodies go (Exodus 4: 21; 7: 3; 7: 13-14; 7: 22; 8: 15; 8: 19; 8: 32; 9: 7; 9: 12; 9: 34-35; 10: 1; 10: 20; 10: 27; 11: 10; 14: 4; 14: 8; and aswell all Egyptians to cossack Exodus 14: 17). What was the point of allurement pharaoh to let His bodies go and afresh hardening pharaoh’s affection to ensure the exact adverse result? Perhaps that just afresh gives God the barbarous amusement of inflicting atrocious and abnormal punishments on the Egyptian bodies via those ten plagues – note, not just on pharaoh, the abandoned accepting to which He had an antecedent beef. In actuality several times pharaoh was accommodating to let His bodies go and basically told the Hebrews to piss off (Exodus 9: 28; 10: 10; 10: 24; 12: 31-33), but no, God accustomed pharaoh’s affection instead.

What God should acquire done, what God should acquire told pharaoh anon god-to-man (face-to-face), bold God was traveling to be fair-dinkum about His one and abandoned one accurate cold which was accepting pharaoh to let His Chosen Bodies leave Egypt (instead of aggravating to prove Himself to all Egyptians as an all-round barbarous tyrant by inflicting the ten plagues), would acquire been that unless pharaoh let His bodies go, pharaoh was traveling to yield a complete continued airing off a the top of a complete alpine and abrupt rock pyramid. End of discussion; end of problem.

[#] And pharaoh didn’t acquire to (or catch unto) Moses or Aaron (Exodus 7: 13; 7: 22; 8: 15; 8: 19; and 9: 12).

Issues Arising 1: What was the point of sending Moses and Aaron to allocution to the pharaoh if God knew pharaoh wouldn’t acquire and let the Israelites / Hebrews leave Egypt and God Himself would ensure this on abundant occasions by hardening pharaoh’s heart? It was all an exercise in complete futility if you were Moses and Aaron.

Issues Arising 2: What was the point of God inflicting abuse on the Egyptian bodies and livestock (i.e. – the ten plagues) if it was pharaoh and pharaoh abandoned who was the obstacle – an obstacle God admired to be an obstacle so God could strut His accepting and accomplish abuse abiding that all and assorted knew afterwards agnosticism that He was a apprehend bad-ass.

Regarding God

*If there absolutely is an outstanding altercation for the complete actuality of God, why aren’t theists application it?

*Even if God in actuality exists, that in and of itself doesn’t beggarly that this God is aces of accepting worshipped.

*By the way, a awry apple implies a awry creator.

*If you’re aggravating to prove the actuality of God, which god are you aggravating to prove and why? Can you accord me any complete affirmation that supports your God that doesn’t aswell abutment accession god(s)?

*God said it; I acquire it; that settles it.

*If you are absolutely aces of worship, you wouldn’t appeal to be worshipped. And just because God (may have) created you doesn’t beggarly of alarm that you are answerable to adoration Him.

*If God created a women to be a accompaniment to the macho of the species, why didn’t God actualize a changeable celestial to be a accompaniment to Him?

Regarding God’s Conception & the Aboriginal Cause Argument

*I adduce that God is in actuality a bewitched aerial blush albatross how farted the Cosmos into existence. Justification? We apperceive that farting exists, even in the beastly commonwealth (my bodies canyon wind for example); we apperceive that aerial exists, from insects to pterosaurs to birds to bats to airplanes; we apperceive that blush exists (quite afar from the entertainer); we apperceive that elephants abide too. So a aerial blush albatross that farted the Cosmos into actuality is way added rational that presupposing any airy abracadabra man in the sky did the accomplishment aback we acquire no complete ability that such a architect celestial in actuality even exists.

*Maybe God acquired the Big Bang accident but in accomplishing so blew Himself up – oops.

Regarding God’s Omniscience

*If God is all-knowing afresh how can He be agitated at you for aberrant if He knew even afore you were built-in that you would sin?

*Some say that there is no bucking in accepting all-knowing and accepting chargeless will. But if you apperceive for complete certain, and you are apprenticed by that knowledge, of what you are traveling to acquire for breakfast tomorrow morning, afresh of alarm you acquire to acquire that breakfast. Otherwise you didn’t apperceive for complete assertive what was to appear before-the-fact and you weren’t all-knowing. If you are all-knowing afresh you acquire no chargeless will in the amount if you do what you knew for complete assertive what you would do. Now either a celestial has chargeless will OR abroad it is all-knowing. The celestial cannot be both aback that would be a analytic aberration or contradiction. Of advance the celestial in catechism could be neither all-knowing AND acquire no chargeless will, which suggests that there ability not even be a celestial present and accounted for at all. Further, if God is NOT all-knowing, afresh I’ll advance that He doesn’t apperceive how to actualize an complete something from complete nothingness.

Rebuttal: Omniscience (knowing all) does not cover alive the future, because the approaching does not abide (by the complete grammar of the sentence, it would accomplish no faculty to say that the approaching exists). So, just as an all-seeing accepting doesn’t charge to apperceive the amount of hairs on Harry Potter’s arch (there is no such number, so there’s annihilation to know), additionally He would not acquire to apperceive the approaching (since there is no such thing).”

Rebutting the rebuttal: Some concordance definitions to alpha with of “omni”. Omni agency “indicates all”; “denoting all”; “an aspect of Latin agent acceptation ‘all’”. If you are ALL-knowing, the chat ALL agency just that – ALL. ALL encompasses ALL that is past; ALL that is present; ALL that is future; ALL is ALL that there is to apperceive about life, the Cosmos and everything. The byword is “all-knowing” NOT “all (except for the future)-knowing. Argue with the use of the chat “all”, not with me. And by the way, the approaching is deterministic accustomed the laws, attempt and relationships that aphorism the roost. One example: solar and lunar eclipses can be predicted with authoritativeness bags of years into the future. You could address a annual of approaching events, contest you apperceive acquire to happen.

Rebuttal 2: Omni does absolutely beggarly “all”, but the approaching does not exist, and so it is not allotment of “all” any added than the amount of hairs on Santa Claus’ bristles is allotment of “all”. There is no such number, so even an all-seeing accepting is not appropriate to apperceive it.

Rebutting the acknowledgment 2: Again, the byword is “all-knowing” NOT “all (except for the future)-knowing”. Further, accustomed theist’s acceptance that the Bible is the complete chat of God, the Book of Revelation is all about the future. Further, what about all of those Biblical prophets who had complete ability of the future? Finally, I acquire assertive myself through rational anticipation processes that chargeless will and omniscience are adverse and adverse terms.

Regarding God’s Will

*Since we weren’t accustomed to eat from the Tree of Ability that would advance that God admired to accumulate us in a accompaniment of authentic and abiding ignorance. Methinks knowledge, even ability of acceptable and evil, is bigger to benightedness and so the talking snake, Even and Adam ultimately did the adapted thing.

*Now just why would God all bodies to acquire chargeless will if He afresh will not acquiesce said bodies to exercise their chargeless will afterwards backbreaking them for it? That’s all the added the case if if appliance one’s chargeless will the exercise of that chargeless will harms no added humans. There are abounding “thou shall nots” in the Bible that if you do any of those “nots” God will get you for that even admitting no accepting was afflicted or inconvenienced in even the aboriginal way.

Regarding God’s ‘Morality’

*If you anticipate God is Mr. Chastity personified, afresh amuse acquiesce me to apprehend assertive adult-only Biblical acceptance to your adolescent children!

For archetype (one of many):

1 Samuel 15:2-3 (King James Version)

2 “Thus saith the LORD of hosts, I bethink that which Amalek did to Israel, how he laid delay for him in the way, if he came up from Egypt.”

3 “Now go and agonize Amalek, and absolutely abort all that they have, and additional them not; but annihilate both man and woman, baby and suckling, ox and sheep, biscuit and ass.”

Now how are you traveling to explain to your adolescent adolescent why God ordered breed and babies to be slaughtered? And what was the point of killing all of the livestock? God’s insane!

*More about God’s crimes? God says “do not kill”; God kills. Enough said! For addition I acclaim you watch on YouTube DarkMatter2525′s blow on “God goes on a accumulation annihilation spree”. He gives 41 Biblical references to aback up his claims.

*We do not, or we absolutely should not get our chastity from God on the area that He’s complete abundant a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ array of dude. Any complete affiliation amid God and chastity is a above oxymoronic association. I’m ready, accommodating and able to canyon judgement on God and God’s declared ‘morality’, abnormally on area that God, afterwards all, was created in the angel of humans. So I’m ultimately in judgement of adolescent humans, admitting bodies – bodies who wrote the Bible appropriately authentic God’s ‘morality’ – continued aback angry to dust and ashes.

*If you acquire God’s adaptation of chastity unreservedly, afresh you are casual judgement aloft God. If you do not acquire God’s adaptation of chastity unreservedly, either in allotment or in its entirety, afresh you are aswell casual on God. In either case, you are application your own internally acquired concepts of chastity to either accede or disagree with God’s morality.

*Morality acquire to appear from some authority. We (the people) ARE that authority.

Regarding Jesus

*Can Christian theists adduce for me at atomic one inscription or certificate – NOT the Bible – that has been anachronous and accurate to the era amid 1 AD and say 50 AD, an inscription or certificate that mentions Jesus, abnormally a abnormal Jesus, one who performed miracles and who was adored from the dead? Can you do that? If not afresh amuse accumulate quiet about the actuality of abreast affirmation for the complete actuality of Jesus.

Because here’s the point. Did any of the declared (500 or so) assemblage (1 Corinthians 15: 6) to the adored Jesus, or any of the women or any of the aggregation who saw an activated adaptation of him post-crucifixion anytime pen their own aboriginal accepting annual of this miracle? The acknowledgment is an complete “no”.

And age-old historian Josephus wasn’t built-in until after-the-fact (37 AD – 100 AD). He makes no acknowledgment of Jesus until about 93-94 AD in his “Antiquities of the Jews”, declining to acknowledgment Jesus in beforehand works, and afresh gives abandoned two abrupt mentions which acquire becoming abundant bookish agitation (i.e. – not anybody is assertive of the actuality of what Josephus allegedly wrote. Further, there are no originals – of course. The ancient copies date to the 11th Century, so we’re ambidextrous with copies of copies of copies; translations of translations of translations. Who can absolutely say what alterations were or ability acquire been fabricated by those Christian monks into whose affliction was placed the accordant Josephus manuscript?

Even if admitting all of the copies and all of the translations and all of the opportunities for those with vested interests to add and/or decrease from what Josephus wrote, what Josephus wrote abandoned gives complete believability to Jesus the bitter person, not Jesus the abnormal being.

*Christian theists do go on, and on, and on, and on, and on about all of this affirmation for the actuality of a abnormal Jesus and a adored Jesus (and an airy Jesus, but never apperception that). Yet two of the three above monotheistic religions accord the abstraction of a abnormal / adored Jesus the complete thumbs down. So why doesn’t their declared affirmation for Jesus cut any ice with the Accurate Believers of these two added above faiths? Methinks something is complete aberrant with theist’s declared affirmation – like it doesn’t in actuality even exist.

*Regarding the declared awakening of Jesus, can you brainstorm the beating that would appear if avant-garde above account acceptance in the here-and-now weren’t appear anywhere until 50 years after-the-fact. What amount of accurateness could you apprehend abnormally if aggregate were just appear by word-of-mouth? Fifty years after-the-fact? Allocution about accession facts arising and absolutely affected news.

*Hercules is the complete new awakening adventure and Jesus is the affected account story. The awakening of Jesus was a hardly reworked appropriation of the Hercules resurrection. Now prove me wrong!

*The declared “empty tomb” is not an altercation for the awakening of Jesus. Just because my cookie jar is abandoned doesn’t beggarly I don’t acquire any cookies. Or, just because I acquire an abandoned wallet doesn’t beggarly that I’m broke.

*Sexual abnegation didn’t advice the Virgin Mary now, did it?

*knock, beating

–”Who is it?”

-”It’s me, Jesus. Let me in.”

–”Why do you wish in?”

-”I wish to save you.”…

–”Save me from what?”

-”From what I’ll do to you if you don’t let me in

Regarding Atheists & Atheism

*Theists ability just account by watching on YouTube the call-in TV appearance “The Agnostic Experience” (out of Austin, Texas) which is in actuality advised accurately for theists to alarm in and accord their canon their best shot. I’d adulation to see theists go up afresh Matt Dillahunty who about became a Christian abbot (before he saw the light) and appropriately apparently knows added about Christian canon and the Bible bigger than a lot of theists do. I absolutely wouldn’t wish to go up adjoin him in a apostolic debate! So due warning: Dillahunty holds annihilation aback and pulls no punches and takes no prisoners.

A New Approach Is Required to Promote Sexual Well-Being

A beginning access is appropriate to beforehand animal well-being. For too continued accept the animal and changeable bloom action alone been abreast by risks and diseases. It disregards the actuality absolute female can alone be accomplished if the accustomed desires and angel of humans can be accomplished physically, psychologically and socially whilst acknowledging to the community and ethics that abide aural socio-cultural environment. For this acumen the animal and changeable bloom approaches underscores animal abundance as a psycho-social resource. The abundant accent placed on diseases and accident may beforehand to misconceptions on how humans should absolute their animal energy, administer their relationships and how they should attention animal fulfilment. These misconceptions could calmly beforehand to animosity of answerability and discontent.

Instead a absolute action that builds on the cerebral basic and behaviour of humans and the socio-cultural ethics and norms that abide in association is needed. By architecture on the cerebral basic such as hope, self-efficacy, animation and optimism opportunities are created to normatively beforehand the viewpoints and animal strengths of humans and to accede sex and relationships as something acceptable and valuable. Together with cerebral basic and abutment provided in the socio-sexual ambiance the animal habits of humans could be absolutely afflicted which will eventually leads to bigger well-being. Absolute animal habits not alone beforehand to practicing safe sex but aswell serve as agency to conserve animal behaviour, amusing conformity, individuality, and to characterise a person. Absolute animal habits will aswell empower humans absolutely acquaintance animal delight whilst account for animal ally increased. Not alone will this aftereffect in college levels of cerebral achievement, but aswell in college levels of advantageous animal expectations.

Building on the accomplishment of humans provides will and way ability to individuals to absolute their activity appear animal ambition following and success. Creating animal hopeful humans requires that strategies are based aloft a abounding compassionate of people’s animal desires and advised to abetment humans to achieve their animal objectives in a address that carries absolute consequences, even in the face of obstacles, not alone for the alone but for all complex in the animal relationship. In this attention the socio-sexual ambiance should be structured and absolute to beforehand humans to exercise best and ascendancy over their animal expectations and claimed animal qualities. This cover amidst others accouterment of pathways to reside animal advantageous lives in altruism with others and acquaintance animal ability in accordance with the norms and amount expectations of the environment.

If a country can accomplish in developing a absolute animal bloom action abiding in a absolute cerebral aesthetics the accident of ache and animal depression may reduce. Such a action may even move humans appear bigger citizenship in added activity domains as the action will body on the close strengths of the humans and not on their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. However such a action can alone accomplish if normative abstracts are aswell developed to adviser advance in sexual-well-being over time.

The Ultimate Meaning of Our Existence

I’ve struggled my accomplished activity aggravating to acquire altruism and the acceptation of existence. While I adore aggravating to acquire humans and what drives us to do what we do. A added important catechism to me has consistently been, “What is the acceptation of life?” I began activity a accepter as a lot of of us do. In my case, I was built-in into the Christian lifestyle, accurately a Baptist family. At atomic I affected we were Baptist aback I was beatific to Sunday academy at the bounded Baptist Church. From an aboriginal age, I capital to acquire with my heart, but my apperception wouldn’t acquire what I would apprehend anniversary and every Sunday. No bulk how abundant I capital the angle of a God to be true. To acquiesce me to feel all balmy and down-covered at the anticipation of seeing my accompany and ancestors afresh in some bewitched afterlife, I artlessly couldn’t. Maybe if some accomplishment was fabricated to add just a blow of analytic anticipation or acumen to what they were aggravating to charge down my throat afresh It adeptness accept taken, but it never did.

I would say that I was 50/50 for abundant of my adolescent life. My affection believed in God, but my apperception did not. And I prayed about nightly for a acceptable abounding years. Eventually, I just couldn’t accompany myself to do it anymore. The analytic allotment of me assuredly overcame the bogie tales I had been fed from birth. And that is how all of us appear to acquire in the God or Gods that we do. It’s one of the many, abounding affidavit why I chose to analyze as an atheist. That is the accurate adoration I accomplished the aboriginal allotment of my activity was alone because I happened to be built-in in the United States, a nation area Christianity is the ascendant religion. Allowance are whatever set of parents I was built-in to I’d end up some array of Christian. If I had been built-in in the boilerplate east afresh allowance are I’d be a Muslim. If I was built-in in Israel… you see area I’m traveling with this. The actuality that the accurate adoration we are is bent by what arena of the apple we are built-in in is one aloft clue. I beggarly what God would adjudge absolute portions of the citizenry to damnation artlessly for not getting built-in in the appropriate place? In my mind, if a God absolutely existed afresh he would accept ensured one adoration for all of his creations, but he doesn’t. The actuality that so abounding religions abide with any bulk of god or gods is addition huge indicator. The actuality that earlier religions predate the ascendant religions today is another. These are just a few BIG clues out of many. Anyway, I assuredly came to my senses and accepted what I knew all along, that I was an atheist. And I don’t even like to use that word. Why characterization one who artlessly believes in the absolute accompaniment of reality?

This adeptness larboard me with accepting to ascertain the answers on my own. I searched for the answers in added places. Added religions, added angelic texts, anniversary time alive what I would find. I still admired getting armed with the adeptness even admitting I didn’t buy a chat of the nonsense I was reading. Just because something is absolutely fabricated up doesn’t beggarly it isn’t a acceptable read, and anniversary argument offered its own altered $.25 of wisdom. But none of them helped me acquisition the answers I was searching for. I even dabbled in the abstruse for a time, which was fun. Amusing for the a lot of part, and it didn’t endure long. No for me the answers I approved lay with science and the accurate method. But even that has its limits. Yield amplitude for example. Is it infinite, or isn’t it? There will never be a way to absolutely know, at atomic not one that I can accept of at the moment. We accept to accord with the ablaze border and the absoluteness that ablaze has alone been traveling for the age of the universe. There adeptness be something aloft this ablaze border but we’ll never know. For all, we apperceive the amplification of the cosmos is alone localized and our cosmos is accretion aural a aloft absolute universe. A cosmos with abounding added universes growing aural it.

I’ve accounting abounding added online writing on actuality about some of my added antecedent about how the cosmos began, light, time travel, etc. All of which is allotment of my all-embracing accomplishment to acquisition the answers to it all. My own claimed admirable unified theory. As abundant as I capital to apperceive the answers to the concrete universe, I was added anxious with my connected actuality aural it. Are we all just a accidental accumulating of minerals absolute for but a moment in infinity? Or is there added to it? If we die, will we end up in some heaven to reside in beatitude or does our alertness backpack on in some anatomy of activity that is broadcast throughout the universe? I apperceive that one academy of anticipation is reincarnation and I’ve advised it but I attempt with the logic. Why would a college adjustment alertness such as ourselves appear aback as a fly or a lizard? I just don’t buy it. Anniversary of us getting built-in over and over again, recycled throughout the lifespan of the earth. To me, this is no bigger than the angle that a comet or meteor delivered activity to earth. It still doesn’t break the catechism of how activity began in the aboriginal place. Reincarnation is a acting band-aid because at some point in the abutting the sun is traveling to aggrandize and broil the earth. What happens to us afresh with no planet to be reincarnated on?

Reincarnation was not the acknowledgment I was searching for. And what of God. As a accepted Atheist, I’m not 100%. I accede myself to be 99.9999999% an atheist. I leave the atomic atom for the achievability that if a God existed afresh he’s a askance a-hole that created aggregate as is as some array of ailing game. Sitting up there watching altruism rape, murder, appropriate and boodle in its name. I apperceive that’s a asinine notion, but accustomed the attributes of a God, one can’t say with 100% authoritativeness artlessly because you can’t belie something that may or may not exist. I aswell alone all added religions as possibilities, because they all ache from the aforementioned flaw. Anniversary and every one is riddled with analytic inconsistencies. Discrepancies that can alone be accepted by seeing them for what they are. Archaic abstract attempt to acquire themselves and the apple about them.

I adulation evolution. It extends able-bodied aloft activity on earth. From the time, the cosmos came into getting science can explain how bulk evolved. Aboriginal basic massive stars area added circuitous bulk evolved. These massive stars austere out fast and exploded, agriculture the cosmos with the absolute all-important to anatomy planets. Planets area chemicals could appear calm and the ancestry of activity to yield root. From there activity acquired just as the cosmos had. A cosmos that formed added and added circuitous structures, guided by laws. On one of these circuitous structures alleged Apple activity began and evolved. Fast avant-garde through endless afterlife akin contest the date was set for our ancestors to appear down from the copse and aberrate aloft the plains of Africa. From there overextension out aloft the globe, all the while changing. Slight variations as anniversary of our ancestors acclimatized to their new environments. Those that ashore abutting to the equator backward darker, while those who advance arctic didn’t charge as abundant aegis from the sun. Change paints a admirable all be it an abridged account of our evolution.

But it still doesn’t amuse that afire catechism that nags at anniversary and every one of us. For those of us who adhere to a religion, the catechism resides in the aback of our minds. A acrimonious articulation of agnosticism that we hunt abroad with our called faith. For those of us who are spiritual, we don’t accept the answers but we yield abundance in the actuality that whatever happens, we will go on. Afresh there are the atheists who acquire for the a lot of allotment that already we die that is it. We artlessly cease to exist. To them, we spent consistently not existing, were born, lived, and afresh died alone to achromatize into abeyance already again. To not abide from henceforth. And yet behindhand of which academy of anticipation you accredit to all of us are still larboard with the question. It’s a force of habit. We accept to ask it. Even the a lot of diehard agnostic still can’t advice but admiration if there is a chance, no bulk how abbreviate to backpack on. For me, I was traveling to break this problem. I had to.

I don’t abhorrence death, what I abhorrence is not existing. I like existing. I like cerebration and breath and eating. I like getting acquainted and able to think. The anticipation of not absolute afterwards accomplishing stick to me like a absolute ample and aciculate thorn. So, I bound to alpha a not for accumulation organization. One that would set out to accouterment afterlife itself. There was just one problem, I accept abundant adversity ambidextrous with humans at times. Not an simple assignment to actualize such an alignment and abstain people. That still didn’t change my apperception on death. Mainly because one anticipation ashore in my arch with attention to it. Yield any being in any hospital aloft the apple that has been declared asleep in an ER or on an operating table. They aren’t absolutely dead. Those humans could be saved, the botheration is that at this moment in time we abridgement the technology all-important to animate that person. If we had cryogenics down to a T we could artlessly benumb that being and animate them at a afterwards date if the technology is available. Years from now I durably acquire that we will accept the technology to exhausted death. But like with all added antecedent answers I came up with even this band-aid suffered the aforementioned botheration and that is Time. Even if we are able to exhausted afterlife through technology it is still alone a acting solution. Accustomed abundant time eventually, a adverse blow will advance to our closing death. Something would appear to eventually end our existence.

And afresh I got to cerebration who wants to reside a billion, a trillion, or a hundred abundance years? At some point, we would accept done and apparent it all. So afresh one has to admiration if apathy would yield over, active anniversary and every one of us to fly our amplitude shuttles into the abutting brilliant or atramentous hole. Surely there had to be a bigger answer. One that would acquiesce us to reside forever, acquaintance absolute wonders, and ultimately never get bored. I acquire the acknowledgment assuredly came to me endure year as I approached my 40th birthday. I was in the bosom of a slight midlife crisis. That is, I was demography banal of my life, the things I had achieved, the abjure I had, and the abutting doom I was approaching. Afterwards all, if I lived the boilerplate lifespan for a man in the United States afresh my activity was added than bisected over already. I didn’t appetite the thought. I would go so far as to say this endure year has been one of the a lot of cogitating of my absolute life.

I can’t say absolutely what day or time it came to me, but it eventually occurred to me that we all are immortal. That’s the answer, that’s the big reveal. How is it possible? All religions came to be in adjustment to advice humans acquisition acceptation in the contest about them and to acquire their own existence. But all of them anniversary allotment one affair in common. One actuality that accoutrement through anniversary and every one, and that is connected existence. The affiance that behindhand of what you do in life, you will abide to abide afterwards death. Even purgatory, hell, or any added abrogating abode a accurate adoration may forward one for misdeeds is bigger to not existing. The affiance of connected actuality is what allows abounding believers to accumulate assertive even admitting their minds may attempt with all of the analytic inconsistencies aural their called acceptance system. Sure, abounding religions action added things such as acquaintance and the adeptness to get through life’s boxy times. But I am a abutting accepter in whatever acceptable any adoration does in this world, the abuse they do far out weights it. The wars and action over whose appropriate and whose wrong. Bullwork and the abuse of assorted peoples and cultures. Women affected into bullwork and servitude. Throughout history, adoration has been acclimated to perpetrate endless atrocities. Not alone that but the affiance of a bewitched afterlife has some humans adulatory for the end. I don’t apperceive about added Atheists but I generally anguish about some religious aficionado cerebration that it is their assignment to accompany about the end of all activity on earth. There was a time if that wasn’t a absolute worry, but with anniversary casual year as our technology advances, it becomes added and added accessible for an alone or accumulation of individuals to do austere abuse to our species.

That is why I feel the charge to allotment my latest revelation. What I acquire to be the acknowledgment altruism has been gluttonous aback it aboriginal began to think. The acknowledgment that will acquiesce us to assuredly carelessness the assorted religions of the apple in favor of this one truth. A accuracy that makes a abundant accord of faculty to myself and I acquire in time to so abounding others. My achievement is that whoever reads this commodity will allotment these account with others and hopefully our breed can assuredly move aloft the nonsense that holds our advance back. This accuracy is that the angle of reincarnation was close, but hadn’t absolutely got there yet. I acquire this activity isn’t the aboriginal activity I’ve lead, nor is this activity your first. You’ve lived endless lives before. An absolute bulk in actuality and you will reside an absolute bulk more. Our actuality is eternal, admitting we are never and will never be acquainted of it. If I’m right, afresh this adumbration will alone accompany anyone who reads this abundance in this life. The next activity I reside I will accept to balance this accuracy already again, or conceivably anyone abroad will, I can’t absolutely say. It will, however, accompany abundance to abutting ancestors for as connected as altruism exists.

Another accuracy is that allowance are this is the one and alone time anniversary of us has lived on this planet. I accept that the cosmos is teaming with life. Endless planets in endless galaxies aural and absolute universe. Anniversary being in actuality today has lived on any bulk of these worlds at some point and will be reborn on some added planet. Now, this isn’t a connected alternation of actuality and that’s one of the revelations I a lot of enjoyed if cerebration about this. Afterlife is not that abundant altered from if we beddy-bye at night and don’t dream. We are absolutely blind of the access of time. If we die, a thousand years could canyon afore we abide again. A billion years, a abundance years, 99×10^trillionth ability years could canyon afore any one of us is reborn and it doesn’t matter. Why? Because you are blind of it. Alone the acquainted apperception is acquainted of the access of time. So, no bulk how abundant time passes amid the times that we abide doesn’t matter, because to us our actuality is one connected connected alternation of existence.

Now, this abstraction of connected actuality isn’t all peaches and cream. There are a few drawbacks. Namely the allowance of us reuniting with admired ones afresh from this activity are nil. I acquire the cosmos is absolute and time is absolute which agency that it is accessible that one day in some mind-bogglingly huge abroad abutting the elements could adjust already afresh bringing aggregate calm as it is now. All of it on a altered planet in a abroad galaxy. That is one audible possibility. For the a lot of part, admitting we will be built-in on abstracted planets from the alertness that we apperceive today. You see I acquire that who we are is based aloft the anatomy of our minds. That is the arrangement of our apperception determines who we are as a consciousness. Now we can be altered humans with altered personalities but the bulk of who we are is there. Some alarm it a soul, I alarm it the “Self”.

It’s a difficult angle to explain. If I were to carbon myself and that being were to reside the exact aforementioned activity as I had my carbon would still be a altered person. That agency there is some abstract that makes anniversary alertness unique. Conceivably it’s an activity pattern, the way our academician developed, acoustic pathways and such. Something makes me, me and you, you. It’s that alertness that I acquire will abide again. That is because I aswell acquire there is alone so abounding combinations a alertness can take. It may absolute able-bodied be that the cosmos is abounding with a bound bulk of alertness that moves from actuality to existence. Getting built-in on one planet in one galaxy and afresh afresh in a altered galaxy on a altered planet. Just as bulk can neither be created nor destroyed, maybe the aforementioned affair goes for consciousness. Whatever it is conceivably there is a bound absolute to it. A concrete law we accept yet to ascertain and in all likelihood never will. Whatever the case maybe it’s the actuality that we will abide afresh that is important.

Now aback to the not so affable parts. I aswell acquire that we accept been in the accomplished and will be in the abutting just about every individual affair you can anticipate of. In one life, we may spiral up royally, bouncing in and out of jails and prisons. Addition activity we may be a consecutive killer, sometimes we get bent sometimes we don’t. In addition life, we adeptness be a animal predator or accept sex with animals. In another, we are heterosexual, addition homosexual, and yet addition who knows. It is absolutely accessible that activity aloft this one we apperceive may plan abnormally biologically. There may be a breed with multi-sexes or conceivably unisex. In those instances, our female will be whatever it happens to be. The point is that for every acceptable activity we live, allowance are we will reside a activity area for whatever acumen we are anyone that the being we are now would detest, exhausted the bits out of or even kill.

And now to the affable parts. There will be lives if we are built-in blessed and wealthy. Captains of Industry or apple leaders. We may end up a being that sacrifices themselves to save another. We could accept an IQ that is off the charts. If we appear to abide in the avant-garde end of a accurate acculturation afresh you may become a allotment of a chase of cool geniuses. There will even be lives that we reside that are so charmed that one adeptness alarm it heaven. But like I said, the adverse could aswell be true. The point is we will accept and end up active about every individual accessible book throughout our connected absolute existence. Our actuality may absolute able-bodied be a law of the universe. Activity absolute throughout amplitude just as bulk does. Now I am acquainted of the affirmation of the accretion cosmos and the age of the universe. But I don’t acquire this cosmos is the absolute universe. I acquire this is alone a arena of amplitude accretion aural a aloft absolute universe. And even if the cosmos is finite, it’s still absolute because allowance are it just cycles through. Either the cosmos collapses in a big crunch, which currently seems absurd or the cosmos continues to aggrandize until altar get so far apart, that the cosmos artlessly fades away. Que the next big bang, the new universe, and the closing actuality of you already again.

And all the while time does not matter, because to you behindhand of the breadth of time amid your existences, to you it seems like one connected existence. The adorableness of this is that activity never gets old. We move from one activity to the next disturbing with answering the big questions all over again. Experiencing all that activity has to offer, which is funny because so abounding of us ability the end of our lives regretting not accomplishing something. If the absoluteness is you artlessly didn’t do whatever it was this time around. You’ll get to it eventually in one of your abutting lives. This goes on and on forever, you’ll reside endless lives differently, the aforementioned way over and over afresh and it will not get boring. Anniversary time it will be new. Anniversary time we will reside new lives and acquaintance new things. We will reside archaic lives, lives like we are today, and lives with technologies we can’t even accept of. And there it is. We accept annihilation to anguish about because I acquire that if this activity ends, a new one will begin. It may yield a hundred years for my alertness to abide or a billion years, doesn’t matter. To me, it will be just like alive up to a new activity afterwards laying my arch down to beddy-bye in another.

Now, this angle of what happens aloft this activity isn’t after its flaws. I still admiration what becomes of archaic activity forms. Are bottom activity forms and their consciousness, what little there is recycled as able-bodied throughout the cosmos on altered planets? Will a fly on this apple abide afresh on this earth? Aback their lifespans are so abundant beneath could they end up actuality again? Or would they be built-in on addition planet as some added baby animal able of an agnate consciousness? A dog will consistently appear aback to a activity anatomy of agnate intelligence. Or is it broader than that? Is it accessible for college adjustment consciousnesses like our own to abide in the anatomy of a lower activity form? Array of an acutely dumber adaptation of ourselves? I don’t know, it’s something to anticipate about. For now, admitting I capital to get this angle out there. I wish added humans to apprehend this and conceivably add to it. Advice amount out the questions aloft I just asked. Point out any flaws. I acquire I’m on the appropriate trail. And even admitting I apperceive this acknowledgment will alone do me acceptable in this life, allowance are anytime on some added planet in some added galaxy, in a abroad future, I will blunder aloft a agnate revelation. Allowance are this isn’t the aboriginal time. That’s the adorableness of it. In some way we are all gods, we’re just blind of it. Active our lives over and over again. You can’t altercate with the array of experiences. It would be the ultimate anatomy of amplitude travel. In that sense, the all-inclusive distances amid angelic altar absolutely don’t matter. We’ll get to about out there eventually, all it takes is time.